Pixel-Perfect Design

With GroLife, your website will look professionally done using the latest web technologies available for a fast, responsive user experience.

App Development

GroLife apps fulfill our mission by adding value to individuals all around the world that have access to smart phone. Your app development done at GroLife will accomplish and exceed your business needs.

Clear Documentation

At GroLife, we follow industry standards and appropriate documentation tools to generate professional documentation along with working software. That allows our apps or your product be more maintainable, easy to understand and reusable by other modules or teams.

Professional Services

GroLife provides professional services for your enterprise. Whether it is integration or implementation of large complex systems, we can help you reach your goals in timely and most cost effective yet in a quality manner.

Create A Beautiful Website or App For The World To See

Does your website look gorgeous, responsive, current, mobile friendly, adapts to various devices? If not, consider an update. Take advantage of all the social media to promote your business. More times than not, people do judge a business from their website. Attract clients and partners to your business.

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Wish you had a mentor to guide you succeed?

A mentorship program designed for your self development in professional and personal life.


Get Your Own Genuine Web Masterpiece

If we can conceive it in our mind, we can achieve it. We provide solutions that matter most to your business needs. That separate us from other development companies. We listen to you and what your needs are, and work in agile methodology to provide regular feedbacks on the progress. You see the progress and we allow you to make changes sooner than later.

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Let your Competitors Know Why You’re the Best

A strong web presence and ability to give your website or app clients a great user experience. Preparation is the separation.

Bridge the gap of where your business is and where you want your business to be. Our solutions are designed to help you get there.


What Are You Waiting For? Start Today!

If you are a developer or need development experience, you can apply to contribute on our future apps or apps in development. Make a difference.

If you are looking to increase your income, we can provide you solutions and opportunities based on your likes and interest.


Would you like to own your own successful business?

We have a proven history of business formation and back office efforts that your company needs.

Do you want to follow your dreams? Does it involve having a business in a full time or part time basis?

GroLife is looking for suitable candidates to join our team as partners, entrepreneurs and professionals.

From a good coder to a great coder!

GroLife follows best software development practices to create well documented, clean code, commented, unit tested quality software products and solutions.

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Grow Your Life Today With GroLife!

We provide equal opportunity without discrimination because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other legally protected status.

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Agile methodology

Satisfied clients

Flexible schedule

Create future apps

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From Project Requirements Grooming to creating Epics and User Stories for the Product Backlog, we track and secure all documentation and specs.


Using Wireframes and Mocked UI by designer team we get approval of expected functionality from end users. That ensures we have sound communication channel and solid understanding.

Development and Testing

Each user story is played after getting team's commitment during sprint planning meetings. Team commits based on everyone's capacity and clarifications. Develop unit tested code. Functional and Regression testing done on all deliverables.


Running Sprints based on your company's requirements to deploy a working and potentially shippable product. Typical cadence we follow is 2 weeks. Continuous Integration setup for every build.

GroLife team - onsite or remote

GroLife’s vision is to impact millions of lives via our future apps and opportunities.
Our mission is to guide everyone to grow and change life for better.

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